Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal justice careers take in a vast number of career options which is basically anything that has to do with law or law enforcement. This means that those who wish to enter into a criminal justice career have a tremendous opportunity to customize their careers to fit their personal talents and inclinations. This is one of the most rapidly growing fields in America, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that it will continue to be one of the fastest-growing fields over the next decade. A criminal justice career will put one in a position to make a real difference in his community, state, and nation. Whether you are a police officer, a federal agent, a forensic scientist, or a prison guard, you will have the chance every day to deal with dangerous and sometimes unsavory people. Your job in most cases will be to stop crime, but in several cases you will also be dealing with the rehabilitation of a person or persons under your charge. After all, the goals of the justice system are not only prescriptive but also preventive in nature.

Getting Into Criminal Justice Careers

The requirements for getting into criminal justice careers obviously may vary dramatically by field. Most areas require some sort of bachelor’s or associates degree such as a police officer or forensic scientist; others require a master’s or even a doctorate degree such as a federal agent or forensic psychologist; and still others may only require a high school diploma and some additional training such as a security guard or probation officer. Most of these careers in criminal justice are employed by the state or federal government with some exceptions. State jobs have certain characteristics which in general hold true across fields; you will find that they are stable, secure, offer good benefits, and do not have as high of pay as their private-sector counterparts. Of course, those who go into a criminal justice career are usually not doing it for the money; rather, they are looking to make a real difference in the lives of those around them.

Start Today

If you are looking to get into a criminal justice career, begin doing research on potential jobs. There is a large amount of literature on the Internet concerning the many variations of different jobs which you could hold. It is important that in going into a criminal justice career that you know what your goals are beforehand. For example, if you have a talent with computers and you are interested in computer-based crimes, then you may consider a job in computer forensics or even in cyber-terrorism. Also, begin researching ways to get your education. Today, many degrees in criminal justice can be earned at a traditional university or even at an accredited, online university. Online degrees are an excellent way to become trained in a certain field while simultaneously cutting costs and maintaining your family life. Online degrees are widely accepted by employers today and, in many cases, can be good enough to achieve your goals. In any case, criminal justice careers are not out of reach for you! Begin your new life today!


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